Frequently Asked Questions 

I hope the below is helpful, feel free to get in touch to ask anything at all that’s not answered or if you would just like to chat through your specific requirements.

How many photographs will I have from my wedding day and will they all be edited?

All of your pictures will be fully edited with professional Adobe software. Colour correction, cropping, sharpening and resizing to ensure you receive the best possible set of high resolution wedding photographs. 

I remove any photographs that don't work for a variety of reasons - eyes closed, duplication, unflattering expressions, test shots etc but rest assured you will have beautiful, professionally edited pictures which provide full and comprehensive coverage of your wedding day, for a full days coverage most couples receive around 400-500 images.

Can we give you a list of "must-have" group photographs?

I work really closely with all of my couples to put together the perfect list of group shots for family formal pictures. 

When we meet around a month before your wedding day, I ensure I have all of the required details for the day and also that I am aware of any important family history such as divorces or that Grandma can only stand for a few minutes etc.

Weddings are wonderful unscripted events, my style of photography ensures I capture all of the real moments that happen, and whilst its necessary for groups and ‘wow’ shots of the two of you, I try to keep posing very natural and to a minimum.


Is all day coverage REALLY all day?

Yes, I provide an all day coverage package because I don't want my couples to have to compromise or worry about their schedule.

I arrive a little while before the bridal party preparation commences so you can relax, I capture some lovely detail shots of dresses, shoes and rings and then stay with you both right through to the evening celebrations and first dance.


Can other people take photos during the wedding?

Of course! It's your special day and I wouldn't dream of insisting that guests don’t take photographs. The only exception would be if a guest is taking snaps of the formal pictures over my shoulder my concern is wandering eyes so I may politely ask them to pause for a moment so that I can give you the very best pictures.

Some couples may put a note in the program requesting that no photos are taken during the ceremony (to deter the holding up iPads in the aisle and a sea of mobile phones held in front of faces) but that’s 100% your call – either way I choose my shots to minimise the effect where possible.

Wedding Photography Public Liability Insurance

I have comprehensive £1m public liability cover with a professional insurer.

If your venue(s) require a certificate I can provide this directly to them on request by email.

Wedding Photography Cameras and Equipment

The camera is probably the least important part of making beautiful memories but what does matter is resilience.

I shoot your wedding with two professional camera bodies and the very best professional grade lenses. I have a third backup camera and both of my main cameras have two memory card slots, so every single image I take of your big day is simultaneously recorded to two separate memory cards. I have ensured as far as possible, no matter what happens, your images are safe and technical issues will not get in the way of documenting your wedding day.

I use a Sony A7 iii (Full frame camera), Sony A7S ii (Full frame camera), Sony A9 (Full frame camera), Sony G Master 24-70 f2.8, Sony G Master 70 – 200 f2.8, Sony Carl Zeiss 35mm F1.4, Sony G 85mm f1.8, 3 x wireless flash


You can see lots of my more general photography by clicking here on Instagram.

When I’m not having amazing time creating memories for one of my lovely couples I also enjoy taking photographs in low light, of dramatic landscapes and natural portraits.